• 12cm-CD
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    Benefit from our know-how!
    • Listening pleasure on 12cm
    • Already available from 100 pieces on
    • Offset or screen printing
    • Attractive bundle deals
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    The CD is still the standard medium for a special listening pleasure, be it for music, audio books or data contents up to 700 MB. In contrast to other printing manufacturers, we already offer CDs starting from an amount of 100 pieces. 

  • DVD-Pressing
    Article number 10008
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    The one and only standard for movies, games and software!
    • Fast and flexible processing
    • Already available from 300 pieces on
    • Short delivery times
    • Offered as DVD5, DVD9, DVD10
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    The DVD is the most established medium for recordings and archiving of audio, video and multimedia contents and can be produced cost-efficiently, also in small series. Be it as DVD-Video or DVD-ROM – we offer you highe

  • Blu-ray Pressing
    Article number 14061
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    No compromises in image quality!
    • High-Definition on 25 GB or 50 GB
    • Easy processing
    • Impresses with high-resolution pictures
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    The High-Definition format of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) provides high storage capacity in connection to the latest compression technologies like MPEG4, VC-1 and MPEG2 HL, and hereby enables to enjoy movies in highest quality. Due to new sound formats, the sound quality has also been improved in comparison to the DVD-Video. 

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CDs - DVDs - BluRays


The CD or DVD is still the standard media for the promotion of music and data contents, as it is the DVD for the promotion of multimedia contents and presentations.

Be it the Audio-CD for an uncompressed hearing experience, the CD-Extra with data content, or a DVD 5 for challenging Multimedia Productions – we offer you highest quality and reliability in every series starting from 300 pieces.


The DVD has become the standard media for the recording and archiving of audio, video and multimedia contents and can also be produced in small series at small price, be it a DVD-Video or DVD-ROM. we offer you highest quality and reliability, personal assistance as well as a fast and flexible processing of your DVD-Production in our house. We offer you the production of: DVD 5, DVD 9 and Mini-DVD. The pressed DVD is available in series from 300 pieces and more, small series are provided in DVD copies of 50 pieces.

The High-Definition-Format Blu-ray Disc (BD) enables film enjoyment of highest quality by means of its high memory capacity in connection to state-of-the-art compression technologies such as: MPEG4, VC-1 und MPEG2 HL. Sound quality has again been improved in comparison to the DVD-Video by means of newly developed sound formats.

Due to the high memory capacity of the Blu-ray Disc of up to 50 GB as well as various interactive possibilities, the BD is likely to soon replace the DVD. Some even say that the Blu-ray Disc will be the ultimate optic storage media. Besides of the use in the film area, the BD can as well be applied for data with high storage capacity such as high-definition photographies or complex presentations.

We provide you either with the pressed media (pressing starting from 500 pieces) or with copies in a series of 25 pieces. The Blu-ray Disc is available in capacities of 25 GB or 50 GB.

Extended informations about Blu-ray: