Our history
HOFA is ISO-certified

The ICG Certification Association – an accredited certification organ of DAkkS (German accreditation center) – has officially granted us with the ISO 9001 certificate. But what does that mean for clients of HOFA-Media? First of all, it is a clear statement for the quality of our products and services. We take numerous measures to guarantee a high quality standard. In this respect, we confer highest importance to your needs and demands concerning a CD-production and support you with an all-round service offer during and after your productions. The continuous optimization of our processes and services is a basic condition for this. A regular control of an independent organization ensures that these requirements are fulfilled.It is our firm conviction that the optimization measures are an important guarantor of a successful and satisfying collaboration.

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Extension of Storage- and Distribution System

The logistic tasks have been extended. For some time now, we distribute and dispatch our acoustic modules for HOFA-Akustik. On this basis, we have developed our competences in the areas of storage, logistics and distribution and are thus able to transfer them to other services apart from the distribution of acoustic modules. Such services are: storage of your products, connection to online shops, order processing, dispatch of products to your end customers and much more.

Lusshardtstr. 18

By means of the acquisition of Lusshardtstr. 18, estate and building, we are enabled to further develop the fulfillment sector. In first place, all manual tasks concerning confection during the CD production and shrink-wrapping are administered in this sector, but also other works such as the placing of stickers, the assembly of additional product parts or the enveloping. In building 18, another part of the storage is placed: the goods on consignment (articles that can be stored or released manually). Now we are able to process incoming goods in a time-saving and cost-efficient way and dispatch them afterwards.

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The energy turnaround makes us assume our responsibility: we install a solar plant. It reaches its peak efficiency in 2013 with an out-put of more than 9,500 kWh.

Moving of Administration

A good working atmosphere is established in an open plan office. We opt for quick communication as well as inter-divisional team building and team work.

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greenline Series

Ecological factors have always played an important role for us and have been realized in-house ever since in terms of energy and paper consumption. 2009 we identify the right partners to launch our greenline series for packaging and printing on the market. As one of the first we valorize the manufacturing with eco-friendly paper.

HOFA expands

The additional acquisition of the neighboring company’s premises including the building makes HOFA-Media expand. After extensive reconstruction works, the new building offers additional space for 900 sqm storage room and 300 sqm office room. More storage room has been acquired since then.

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Apprenticeship at HOFA-Media

HOFA-Media attaches great importance to a well-founded apprenticeship. We offer training since 2002 in several professions like merchandise for audio-visual media, office management and media design in sound & image, which has been honored in 2008 by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Small runs-Production

In the digital era, time plays a decisive role. Still, the pressing of a record requires a minimum production time. We fill this gap producing small runs, without neglecting the demand for quality. 24 hours service for 1000 media – quickness is our trump card!

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We get in touch with another recording type: the DVD. Data amounts increase and require new media for data storage and playing – we participate from this development right from the start!

Physical Distribution

The starting signal for the first distribution activity is given under the name of “House Master Records”. At the end of the year 2002 a number of 15 titles is distributed, followed by already 20.000 titles in 2013.

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HOFA goes online!

The first web presentation is finished and goes online with the family brand “House of Audio”.

The first pressed CD

At the dawn of the digital era the first CDs are produced and distributed. At the same time, it is the foundation of today’s prepress and graphic section. Because the outside of a CD is as important as that of a vinyl record.

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Production of Vinyl

As the demand for music copying increases we decide in 1989 to produce vinyls along with MCs for our clients. This decision involves the first big break-through on the market concerning the section of music copying.


The foundation of HOFA-Media starts with the first in-house copying of music onto a music cassette. First being an additional offer to the studio recording it soon becomes an important factor of the corporate concept of our enterprise.

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