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Our different varnish finishings are available for all cardboard packagings.

Already included in the standard version

Gloss varnish (standard)


The standard gloss varnish is applied over the entire surface of the printed cardboard and gives the product a slight sheen.

Please note: our cardboard packagings (cardboard, DigiPAC, DigiFile, DigiSleeve, PocketPAC) inlcuded this version as standard.

Foil lamination (glossy)


In the case of foil lamination, the printed packaging is coated in the last work step with an additional thin and transparent glossy foil. This is finer compared to the standard gloss varnish and reflects the light stronger.

Partial gloss varnish


With the combination of gloss and matt varnish finishing you are able to optimally stage particular elements of your design.
For example, just print the entire product with matt varnish and only your logo or product title in partial gloss varnish to direct the focus of the viewer just where you want it.

Matt varnish (standard)


The classic version of a refinement is the additional matt varnish finishing. Here, the packaging is coated over the entire surface with an additional matt layer of lacquer after the actual printing. The matt varnish finishing gives the printed image a softer appearance and is ideal for motives of all kinds.

Foil lamination (matt)


Just as on the foil lamination of the gloss varnish, a matt, very fine and transparent foil is applied to the printed cardboard in the last working step. The matt foil is much finer than the standard matt lacquer and offers the viewer a clearly perceptible, soft haptic experience.

Configurate your own cardboard packaging with finishing now!

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