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DVD-5, DVD-9 & DVD-10 starting at 300 pieces
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More than 30 years of experience!

1988, the first CD by HOFA-Media saw the light of day. 
Since then, we have been producing CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays & vinyl records in small and large quantities for customers throughout Europe on a daily basis.

Whether music CD or audio bookmovie or video gameoffset or silk screen printingstandard or special production – we are the right contact for all questions concerning the round medium.

DVD-5 | DVD-9 | DVD-10 | Which is the right one?

Since 1997 the DVD has been established as a medium for recording and archiving audio, video and multimedia content and can be produced cost-effectively even in small editions.
But what is the difference between the different formats and which is the right one for you?

Please note:
(The maximum data rate for audio and video data on a DVD is 9.8 Mbps).
Therefore, DVDs are not suitable for playback of HD/Full HD/4K videos.
If you want to produce a video in one of these formats, we recommend Blu-rays.

The so-called „Single-Layer“ DVD-5 is the standard among DVDs.
Storage capacity: 4.7 GB / approx. 2 hours of SD-quality film material.

The „Double-Layer“ DVD-9 contains two layers on top of each other on the back of the DVD according to its name.
Storage capacity: 8.5 GB / approx. 4 hours of SD-quality film material.

A DVD-10 is a double-sided DVD-5 that can be used on both sides and has no label imprint.
Storage capacity: 2x 4.7 GB (9.4 GB total) / approx. 2x 2 hours of SD quality footage.

Your advantage with HOFA-Media

Every customer receives individual advice, a free data check of the print data by our in-house graphics department and a check of the CD master data before the production starts.

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