• Linen Coating
    Image: Linen Coating
    Reaction field between opposites!
    • Combination of embossment and linen
    • Coating creates an own world of experiences
    • Embossment leads the spectator’s eye
    • Emotive and lively at the same time
    Image: Linen Coating
    Image: Lupe
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    Lead the buyer into a fascinating new world within a reaction field between the opposites of embossment, on one hand, and a structured linen coating on the other hand.

    Bild:The combination for two technologies
    The combination for two technologies

    Together with a silver foil printing combined with a linen texture you create an interesting tension between visual perception and sensual palpation. The silver foil printing significantly lifts the smallest detail on the textured surface and acts as a seal on the surface cover with linen.

    Bild:Past and future
    Past and future

    Even a curved font can be concisely identified with printing and silver foil. You create a mystical overall picture of the past in combination with the structured surface processed in a media book. 

    Bild:Touch and Feel
    Touch and Feel

    Another way you can create a “touch and feel” effect of a special kind for your packaging. The differentiation with other packaging variants is guaranteed. Linen is characterized by high strength and acts simultaneously warm and pleasant. Due to the stability of the material, it offers a high level of protection and has a timeless beauty. The effect is a very classy. Other materials that can be processed for quality packaging are leather, synthetic leather or imitation velvet.


    The inner workings of a Mediabook can be seen. The interior includes linen texture, the booklet is attached in the back and in this context a black tray for the CD. The overall picture of an old book in the form, structure, hatic and design is implemented to perfection.

  • Relief-Varnish
    Image: Relief-Varnish
    Versatile but still unique.
    • Fascinating and impressive at the same time
    • Partial varnish for filigree motifs
    • Emphasizes on details by structures
    • Striking metal effects
    Image: Relief-Varnish
    Image: Lupe
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    If you are looking for something more and wish to equip your package according to the emotional image of your product – focusing on a completely different haptic experience – in this case special varnishes such as relief varnish are most suitable.

    Bild:Creating structures
    Creating structures

    Relief coatings are hochauftragend and resemble the effect of an embossment, without leaving visible structures on the back. This makes it possible to create a structured surface not only felt looming, but due to the metallic effect of the relief painting also shines in various facets.

    Bild:Emphasizing details
    Emphasizing details

    To provide a multi-packaging in the folded edges with an inner web-printing gives you the freedom to convert your design concept without taking compromise. This example shows that it is possible to work out the finest structures with a relief coating. The figure shows a wood imitation, which is reflected to the smallest detail in form, structure and colour application on the design of the packaging. 

    Bild:Partially inserting
    Partially inserting

    The best results are achieved when using the relief varnish for linear patterns. But you can also play with it, if not only outlines, but also fully coloured images should be displayed. This is apparent with photorealistic motifs. So playing with the relief varnish also means to use it partially flexible. 

    Bild:Harmonizing colours
    Harmonizing colours

    Although the CD and packaging differentiate from their material and will therefore never create an identical image, the claim is given to represent the color space as identical as possible. This is feasible by an appropriate color balance and color matching of the CD imprint with the package. On the coordinated print image they create an unbeatable unit.

  • Spot-Varnish
    Image: Spot-Varnish
    Great expectations for a unique product!
    • Combination between color and effect
    • High quality in every detail
    • Embossment by reflections
    • A real eye-catcher
    Image: Spot-Varnish
    Image: Lupe
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    Often, less is more: small details that are especially emphasized may intensify the branding of your product. Get yourself inspired and leave limits behind!

    Bild:High quality in detail
    High quality in detail

    Die-cut shapes, high-contrast colors and a successful global approach in conjunction with a delicate processing, which draws from print products with a spot varnish screen printing.It is also impressive, how cardboard boxes can be punched out with such small forms. The results are clean elaborated structures that express high quality to the smallest detail.

    Bild:A refinement is a promise
    A refinement is a promise

    A refinement of the packaging should represent an added value for your customers. By providing a high quality appearance you give your customers a promise. In the excerpt the perfect combination of shapes, colors and effects will be found. The colours created in special colors exude a strong intensity which can be increased or decreased depending on the use of selective coating. The notches on the surface reinforce the impression because only the inside lightens in intense red. What could possibly lie behind the packaging? 

    Bild:The diversity of interpretation
    The diversity of interpretation

    By the reflection of a spot varnish you can also create slight plastic elevations without the need of an expensive tool for punching. So it is possible to create perceptible structures in the smallest space. 

    Bild:Fascination for the eyes
    Fascination for the eyes

    While working with surface paintwork, it is possible to still display the smallest contours while the partial coating is working in conjunction with a screen printing. This is a fascinating eye-catcher for everybody. The game with the structures allows the observer to perceive more and more shapes and patterns, so he subconsciously gets more engaged with the product.

  • Silver foil
    Image: Silver foil
    In the mirror of the light!
    • Inventive due to light reflexes
    • Focuses on one effect
    • Skilled presentation of your message
    • Elegant exclusiveness
    Image: Silver foil
    Image: Lupe
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    Using a Silver Foil you deliberately opt for a reduced design in favor of the light reflection. Because the shining, nearly reflecting gloss effect of the silver foil is the only necessary statement.

    Bild:Full impact with corporate claim
    Full impact with corporate claim

    Play with the fantasy of the buyer by creating light effects with a silver foil for different types of packaging depending on the way the you hold it. In conjunction with the purist design your message reaches the full effect.

    Bild:The mirror effect
    The mirror effect

    The silver foil does not only play with the reflection of light: the flatter the foil the stronger the mirror effect is. Depending on the light reflected by the CD inside the package it does not need any furhter print image on the inside. 

    Bild:Skillful presentation
    Skillful presentation

    Silver or glossy foil generally flush to capture the packaging. Not only can you make the buyer fasinated in the product but skillfully present your brand.

  • Hot Foil Stamping
    Image: Hot Foil Stamping
    A signum for your package!
    • Perfect processing
    • Exclusiveness in color and style
    • Outstanding visual and haptic effect
    • With gloss or matte foil
    Image: Hot Foil Stamping
    Image: Lupe
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    Hot Foil Stamping shows exclusive elegance and perfect beauty. Whether is is done with gold or silver foil – applying this effect is a signal of exclusiveness and leaves a haptic impression.

    Bild:Workmanship in perfection
    Workmanship in perfection

    The media book in DVD format combined with a hot foil printing increases the workmanship with an excellent refinement. This can be especially seen on the folded edges. The workmanship quality speaks for itself. Seamless closing of the package to imitate the creases on the top edges of the book and the character reference form a unified work.

    Bild:Exclusive in color, form and design
    Exclusive in color, form and design

    With the hot foil printing you play with the haptik as well as the visual charisma of you printed produtcs. On the one hand the lettering is embossed and stands out from the surface texture of the material, but on the other hand you create a brilliant, metallic spot effect with the applied film, that embroiders the viewers eye immediately. In conjunction with a matt varnish surface connecting a logo for exclusivity in color, shape and design.

    Bild:Love to detail
    Love to detail

    Filagree lines kann be seen even with the smallest detail. Not only large surfaces affect the hot foil printing gracefully and classy at the same time. You have the opportunity to fully express your attention to detail with a foil printing.

    Bild:Felxibility in all forms
    Felxibility in all forms

    This unique technology allows up to a 100-page booklet that the inner bar can be integrated so you can scroll through them like a book. No seams, no glue binding and no parentheses. Could not be better.

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Art of Seduction made by HOFA – our Special Products

Perfect products can be recognized by excellent and striking print motifs as well as extraordinary forms leaving a permanent impression. They are precise and brilliant. The suitable effect for every product requires the utmost production accuracy for all types of refinement which we guarantee by our high quality standards.

Printing refinement and packaging solutions transform a simple package, destined to protect the content, into a real highlight that emphasizes the uniqueness and value of your product. Get inspired by this art of seduction and its methods on the Special Site of HOFA-Media.