• 2-in-1 Sleeve
    Article number 14184
    Image: 2-in-1 Sleeve
    Gatefold Package, for CD.
    • Package consists of 2 parts
    • Generous panorama surface
    • Ideal for a vinyl-CD
    • Wow effect by content and design
    Image: 2-in-1 Sleeve
    Image: Lupe
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    All those who want something special and wish to show the individuality of their music content already from the outside plays the trump card with this cardboard pocket with inlet.

    Bild:Inner Margin Page
    Inner Margin Page

    The 2-in-1-Sleeve demonstrates an exceptional finishing and leaves plenty of space for your creative design. The 4-paged cover page reminds of the Gatefold-Covers used during vinyl production times. The Inner Margin can be left white or – like in the example shown here – full-color printed. A design without compromises.

    Bild:Full Inside View
    Full Inside View

    Easy handling, but concise design. The generous panorama surface offers you the necessary space for your design and information. Ecological demands towards a modern packaging are also respected as the CD or DVD is accommodated in the cover sleeve instead of a plastic tray.

    Bild:Cardboard Pocket pulled-out
    Cardboard Pocket pulled-out

    Already during the unwrapping the customer is extremely sensitized for you as an artist and the content of your CD or DVD due to the 2 assembled parts of the 2-in-1-Sleeve: the covering and the inlet by means of a cardboard pocket. The unique selling point for a CD or DVD packaging does not only create an aha-effect for the customer, but also leaves you the possibility of playing with both parts.

    Bild:Rear Side
    Rear Side

    Plenty of space, functionality and an intense character of experience. Despite all these properties, the 2-in-1-Sleeve is a lightweight packaging using only cardboard. Another highlight: As diverse as the packaging is the intended use for shop selling, promotion, sampling or mailings equipped by give-aways.

  • PACBook, 8 sides
    Article number 14579
    Image: PACBook, 8 sides
    Inventive and fresh as can be!
    • Striking high-quality product
    • Optimal insert of the booklet
    • Cost-effective complete product
    • Just as individual as your music
    Image: PACBook, 8 sides
    Image: Lupe
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    The perfect mixture of listening pleasure and creative design makes the combination of CD and print product an inseparable unit. The comfortable handling of a booklet integrated in the package for better scrolling gives you the space you need.

    Bild:The booklet of your choice
    The booklet of your choice

    This comfortable handling of the booklet, which is integrated into the package for browsing, can get the clearance you need to optimally set the print product. Stronger grammage for higher strength with the use of special papers for another haptic experience, or even everything completely processed with matt varnish are just a few examples of how you can inspire the buyer.

    Bild:A high quality product with a fair price
    A high quality product with a fair price

    Packing subtext and additional information for the booklet together. You must also not forget the functional aspect. By the attachment of the booklet to the packaging ensures that the booklet does not possibly get damaged such as, during removal from the slit. A package that meets all requirements and at a price that is represented with a smaller budget.

    Bild:Flush and compact til the end
    Flush and compact til the end

    The form-fitting closing of the Pacbooks correspond to the thickness of the booklet which completes the high-quality packaging solution. The buyer is convinced that your production is a special musical experience because of the combintaion in text and pictures.

  • The e-PAC
    Article number 19888
    Image: The e-PAC
    Remarkably elegant!
    • Harmonic relation between CD and packaging design
    • Cardboard tray made of FSC-paper
    • Easy removal of CD by means of the die-cut
    • Ecological value
    Image: The e-PAC
    Image: Lupe
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    The e-PAC appears exotic with its incomparable tray, inventive due to the clever design leaving plenty of space for creativity, and extravagant by offering the possibility to print the tray individually.

    Bild:Cardboard Tray
    Cardboard Tray

    The innovative cardboard tray on FSC-basis can be introduced smoothly into the packaging. By means of the swung opening for the introduction of the CD or DVD, the printable surface below can be seen. The tray is available in white or black. Ideal for the graphic combination of natural simplicity and eye-catching colors.

    Bild:Colored Cardboard Tray
    Colored Cardboard Tray

    The e-PAC stands for imaginative design. The standard packagings for the CD- or DVD-Sector generally contain a plastic tray. For an eye-catching design a plastic tray is unfavorable. The e-PAC tray however can be printed which means that the CD insertion is not an interruption of the graphic design but, on the contrary, merges into the overall design. Another highlight: All demands of ecological awareness are 100% respected. 

    Bild:Opening (for pull-out with finger)
    Opening (for pull-out with finger)

    Neither annoying clipping nor the fear of breaking the tray. The exact guiding of the e-PAC trays enables the easy take-out and the careful accommodation of the CD or DVD. A well-thought-out, high-quality product.

    Bild:Product opened
    Product opened

    The ecological cardboard tray is heavier than a normal standard tray but equal in height. It demonstrates strength as it can accommodate a booklet of up to 24 pages still enabling a seamless closure of the cover pages.  

  • The ProfileBook
    Article number 13941
    Image: The ProfileBook
    Music, word and image in one go!
    • Plenty of space for information and design
    • Cost-effective complete product
    • Also suitable for small runs
    • Light design with great effect
    Image: The ProfileBook
    Image: Lupe
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    All those who search a high-quality package that comprises the features of a book but want to reduce costs should go for a ProfileBook. Comparable to a MediaBook, it integrates the booklet in a way that enables to scroll in it like in a book.

    Bild:Die-Cut CD-Sleeve
    Die-Cut CD-Sleeve

    The ProfileBook expresses his full strength by means of an ecological packaging. Via a die-cut your CD or DVD is introduced in the right panel. Easy to handle, well protected and without the use of plastic. A perfect storage for a great listening pleasure.

    Bild:Booklet fanned-out
    Booklet fanned-out

    The integrated Booklet in the ProfileBook leaves nothing to be desired. Whether the integrated booklet is full-colored, of up to 32 pages or produced with a special paper grade – you dispose of the full spectrum of ideas relevant to haptics and visualization.

    Bild:Booklet stapled
    Booklet stapled

    The ProfileBook integrates the Booklet perfectly into the packaging. That is how the message of your packaging and the information of the booklet merge into something complete. Hereby the Booklet is attached to the inner margin in a way that enables scrolling just like in a book. A relaxing listening pleasure is guaranteed.

    Bild:Slim Side
    Slim Side

    A classic design, but great effect: that is how you present yourself and your music with a ProfileBook. Ecological aspects are taken into account just as a comfortable, easy handling for the customer. The focus of the ProfileBook is the integrated booklet, making packaging and additional print matter an inseparable unity.

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HOFA Products

Packaging by HOFA enterprises is especially adjusted to your individual demands on a modern packaging solution for a CD-production. Only high-quality materials are processed paying respect to ecological requirements. And as your CD-production is something special we have designed some matching packages to delight the buyer of your production not only by your music!

We will always continue to work on new or improved packaging solutions for your CD- or DVD-productions. Therefore we are happy to hear our client’s wishes. So if you have any good idea or suggestions for improvement – please feel free to contact us!